Founded in 1984, Argos originated from the initiative of a Bearn based insurer, Bernard Sala, who was then managing the local subsidiary in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques of a large insurance company. He had then to go to Spain and Portugal to recover vehicles which had been stolen in France. There, he realized that many vehicles could not be repatriated simply because they could not be identified.

This gave him the idea to create a software file of stolen vehicles, with the input of the insurers, and to cross it with various files such as pounds, vehicles officially destroyed, etc. ; in order to compare the different information related to these vehicles.

In May 1997, GIE ARGOS decides to extend its activity by setting up a specific division dedicated to all goods, by implementing the data base FIBAR (Electronic File of Insured Goods under search). The objective was again to cross the « damages » data with the input of the member insurance companies, and the « investigations » fed by the ARGOS technicians, but also by the public authorities.